About Us

Intense Desire is a small but rapidly expanding family run business formed in November 2013 after the founder Andy Fielden, an ex smoker of over twenty years finally found an answer to breaking his most hated habit. But this answer did not come easy he’d tried many things over the years, Chewing gums, Nicotine patches, cold turkey even the earlier disposable electronic cigarettes. But in the end be it through pure stupidity or sheer addiction, a craving - ‘Intense Desire!’, he always returned to his filthy habit. Even though he no longer enjoyed it and despite the persistent protest of his 2 daughters.   

That was until he was introduced to a refillable Electronic Cigarette by a work colleague and it was through this introduction he was finally able to break free from his dependence of Tobacco products. During this life changing and enhancing experience he discovered a rapidly evolving market, there are many who describe it as a revolution.

Electronic Cigarettes have been around for some time now and have gained a lot of popularity amongst smokers especially in Europe. But they are never far from controversy and there are various opposing opinions on them. The debate is now open and will likely rage for some time to come.

If you are smoker desperately trying to break free of your Tobacco products then we’d recommend you try our products. If you are not a smoker then we strongly discourage you to use our products. It is important for you to note that most e liquids contain Nicotine which is an addictive drug.

It is our mission to provide you with a first class service. All of our products are dispatched same day on all orders placed before 3.30pm, First class free of any additional charge. We also offer a no quibbles money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your order in any way, as long as you return it in its original condition. Please find further details here - Shipping & Returns

We’d also welcome your feed back. Please keep us informed on how we are doing and please share your experiences with us. You may wish to follow us on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/intensedeisreuk To keep up to date with all news and product updates.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and we hope to hear from you soon.