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Why Has My E-Liquid / E-Juice / Vape Lost Its Taste?

If you’ve landed on this article the chances are after such a successful start to your vaping Journey and successfully breaking free from tar laden Tobacco products, You’ve hit a road block. You’re in shock and awe as your beloved Vape that has provided you with so much liberation, has suddenly, without any warning lost its flavouring.

Ever Experienced A Complete Loss of Taste Of Your Vape? You May Have The Dreaded Vapors Tongue

In Despair you change your Atomiser or Coil depending on what kind of ecig tank you’re using, but alas still no flavour. You’re sure it’s not your E-Juice as it’s the same Juice you was vaping yesterday and it was providing you with a very satisfying taste then.

Well now you can relax a little. What you’re experiencing is actually very common and has been termed by the Vaping community as ‘Vapers Tongue’ some may even describe it as ‘Vapers Fatique’ 

What Is Vapers Tongue / Vapers Fatigue & What causes it?

Vapers tongue is a condition which is caused by the over indulgence of vaping, technically it has as much to do with Olfaction too which will get to in a moment. The scientific explanation for why this occurs requires some in depth discussion. For the purpose of this article we want to try and keep things simple and easy to understand and therefore read.

Making sure You Drink Plenty Of Fresh Water Will keep Your Hydration Levels High & Can Help To Prevent Vapings Vatigue

Hydration is a major part of your taste senses functioning healthily, and is very often overlooked by Vapers. You may not have realised that the vapour you release on the exhale is far greater than the vapour you take in on the inhale. This is because you release moisture from your Lungs, Throat & Mouth as you exhale, in addition to the E-liquid you take in on the inhale. It is always highly recommended to keep yourself hydrated in general, not just while vaping, and drink plenty of water. I’m sure you’ve heard health professionals regular recommend that you should drink 8 pints of fresh water a day.  

Your senses have receptors that send signals to your brain. When your senses experience something new your receptors send strong signals to let your brain know something is new and fresh. Over time your receptors will become accustomed to something it’s exposed to on a regular basis and the signals that they send to your brain will be less potent.

Vapers tongue is more Commonly known as ‘olfactory exhaustion’ or ‘olfactory fatigue‘, outside the Vaping community.

You have 2 main senses that make you experience taste. The first and most obvious is your taste buds the second less commonly known is your sense of smell ‘olfaction’. When your sense of smell becomes reduced so does your sense of taste. Hence Vapers tongue is more widely known as ‘olfactory exhaustion’ or ‘olfactory fatigue‘, outside the Vaping community.

If you’ve recently suffered a illness such as the common cold or hay fever. That bunged up feeling you get in your nose caused by the extra mucus these illnesses cause, will add to your vape tongue woes.  

What Is The Cure For Vape Tongue, What Can Be Done?

As with most things in life we are all unique individuals and there is no magic Pill which will instantly restore your Vaping pleasure. There are however several widely used techniques which can aid you with recovering a strong, satisfying, sense of taste once more. It’s a matter of discovering which is most suitable and workable for yourself.

Cold Turkey

stop using vape altogether for a short period of time, usually just for a day or so, should restore your sense of taste

This is usually the least favoured by Electronic Vapouriser users. Vapers love to vape and the thought of loosing that pleasure does not bear thinking about. However by stopping vaping altogether for a short period of time, usually just for a day or so, should restore your sense of taste. It does however put you at risk of suffering Nicotine withdrawal symptoms and leave you craving. This could result in you over vaping right away and risk another dose of the dreaded Vapers Tongue.


Maintain Good Oral Hygene

Maintaining Good Oral Hygene Is Crucial For A Health Mouth To Get The Best From Your Vape

This should be part of your general routine and no doubt it is. However it’s still worth a mention. Brushing your teeth with a strong minty toothpaste and using a good anti bacterial mouthwash will stimulate those taste bud receptors back into life. Using chewing gum regularly is widely known to help produce saliva which is the mouths natural defence system. 



Switch To A Stronger Flavour

By stronger flavour we mean in taste such as Menthol, Aniseed or Ginger. But it’s also worth taking a moment here to consider how you ended up in this position in the first place? Was it simply a case of you was enjoying the taste of your vape so much and it was rather moreish leaving you unable to put your ecig down? Or was you enduring increased cravings? Perhaps life pressures are a little high right now. If it is a case that you are simply craving more nicotine you may need to consider increasing your Nicotine dosage for a little while. This should enable you to vape at a reduced rate.  



Take In The Aroma Of Freshly Ground Coffee Beans

The Aroma of freshly Ground Coffee Beans Helps To clear out your nasal system


The scent of fresh Coffee Beans works well for clearing out your nasal system and acts as kind of a reset. Many Perfume testers and wine cognisors use this technique. After smelling the scent of freshly ground Coffee Beans you should experience an increased sense of smell which in turn should enhance your sense of Taste.  



Cleanse Your Pallet

Swilling A Shot Of Lemon Vodka Round Your Mouth Should Cure Vapers Tongue ans Get You Back On Your Vaping Journey

There are many ways to this. Many people swear by Apple Cider Vinegar, a couple of drops on your tongue is believed by many to revitalise the taste buds. Eating some Citrus Fruit such as a slice of lemon is also popular within the Vaping community. But the most popular option of all seems to be swilling a shot of Lemon Vodka round your pallet.



So How Do I Prevent Vaping Fatigue Returning in Future?  

Over Doing things By Vaping Heavy Is What Gives us Vapers Tongue To Begin With

Vaping Fatigue happens to nearly all of us, especially when we are new and inexperienced to Vaping. Remember it’s route cause is over doing things a little. Chances are your sense receptors did give you fair warning which you misinterpreted. What tends to happen in the early stages is the flavour starts to taste a little weaker or sometimes tastes off. This leaves us feeling unsatisfied and we automatically take another drag on our vapouriser searching for that hit we know satisfies our sweet spot. This makes matters worse and subconsciously we begin to vape heavier accelerating our path to flavour numbness.

Always make sure you drink plenty of fluids preferably water when vaping.

Use several different flavours and swap and change regularly so your taste receptors are constantly feeling refreshed and stimulated.  



So now you’ve discovered you’re not alone with this problem of flavour numbness and you’re not going crazy. I hope this article gets you back to Vaping fitness in the shortest time possible.

Got a technique we haven’t covered here for overcoming the dreaded Vape fatigue? Please share your experiences in the comment section below so we can help other fellow Vapers to cure their issues.  





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